Photo by Gretchen Henderson, 2014

Elena Ruehr and Gretchen Henderson’s choral opera, Cassandra in the Temples, tells the story of the Ancient Greek princess of the same name. Her epic story is told with the virtuosic voices of The Thirteen, socially distantly recorded for this virtual yet powerful production. In librettist Gretchen Henderson’s words, Cassandra is a "memory palace…, blurring memory and prophecy, past and future, to erect the temples that house Cassandra’s buzzing brain." Throughout this nearly-40 minute work, Ruehr and Henderson take the listener on a story "toward a hopeful end," where Cassandra’s “legacy lives in us, as we speak and hear prophecies,” that touch on the themes of climate change, economics, religious wars and more. With powerful harmonies, virtuosic choral writing, and a powerful story, this virtual performance is not to be missed.

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This virtual recording is made possible by the support of the Georgetown Lombardi Arts and Humanities Program, sponsor; The Thirteen’s Season Sponsors: J. Penny Clark, Charles Cerf & Cindy Dunbar, and Cheryl Naulty & WalterHill; and audience members like you.