Matthew Hill, Evangelist
Jonathan Woody, Jesus
Timothy Nelson, stage director
Matthew Robertson, conductor

Bach’s St. John Passion was originally written for the composer’s first Good Friday services in Leipzig, and it has since firmly established itself as a staple of the choral-orchestral repertoire. Yet the work’s dramatic and touching narrative demands that it be staged to bring its dramatic music to life. Timothy Nelson, called “The Future of Opera” by The New York Times, will stage this production by The Thirteen. Of this production, Nelson writes, “I look forward to making Bach’s universal themes of glorification through debasement, and the importance of community and ritual palpable and vibrant."

This program is made possible by a generous gift from Charles Cerf & Cindy Dunbar.

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Click here to listen to the discussion between Artistic Director Matthew Robertson and Bach scholar Michael Marissen on the topic of anti-Judaism and antisemitism in Bach's St. John Passion.

Click here to listen to the panel discussion between Jewish leaders on the topic of anti-Semitism.

Livestreamed on SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 2021

Individual livestream tickets are available for $25 or $35 per household. Your purchased ticket gives you access to enjoy this staged oratorio until midnight ET on April 11.


Passion Transfigured, is made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. The Thirteen was awarded a Grants for Arts Projects to support this staged performance of Bach's St. John Passion. Read more about the award here.

The Thirteen thanks our media partner for this concert, WETA.