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The Thirteen is committed to a diverse and multi-generational audience. Yet this does not always translate to financial security. The fact is, The Thirteen depends on your donation for its existence. Only 15% of our operating budget comes from ticket sales. 

We ask that if you appreciate our artistry you make a commitment to The Thirteen and give as you are able. But no matter how much you give,– whether $5 or $5,000 – we hope you will give something.  It means a great deal to us to expand our musical family. Join us in making music. 

What are some suggested giving levels? The Thirteen appreciates a donation of any size, but we list some milestones below.  

Season Sponsor - $20,000+

Name recognition as a Season Sponsor on website and in all concert materials, four preferred seating subscriptions, and all benefits listed below.


Concert Sponsor - $10,000

Recognition as Concert Sponsor on website and in all concert materials for one concert program, two preferred seating subscriptions plus four additional preferred seating tickets for sponsored concert, and all benefits listed below.


                                                                    Angel - $5,000

Two preferred seating season subscriptions, and all benefits listed below.


Maestro's Circle - $2,500

An exclusive dinner with The Thirteen's Founder and Artistic Director, Matthew Robertson, and all benefits listed below.


Benefactor - $1,000

Exclusive donor-only season highlights recording, and all benefits listed below.


Patron - $500

Preferred seating status at all of our concerts, two complimentary tickets to one concert of your choice, and all benefits listed below.


Sponsor - $250

Invitation to closed rehearsals, a specially branded Bumper Magnet, and all benefits listed below.


Donor - $100

A copy of the latest CD released by The Thirteen, and all benefits listed below.


Friend - $50

Acknowledgment in concert programs and on our website for one year.

The Thirteen encourages Corporate Giving as well and more information for Corporations who wish to give can be found here. 

How easy is it to donate? The Thirteen has created an account with PayPal to make it easy and secure for you to donate using a credit card; just click the link below.






Or feel free to mail your donation to:
The Thirteen

P.O. Box 32065

Washington, DC 20007

The Thirteen gratefully accepts donations of publicly-traded securities, transferred from your brokerage account directly to ours. Such gifts are not only tax-deductible, they also are generally not subject to capital gains tax when transferred directly. Please contact for the appropriate letters and instructions to carry out this kind of donation. 


The Thirteen is a 501(c)(3) exempt institution as a 509(a)(2) public charity. All gifts, bequests, devises, and transfers are fully tax-deductible. Federal tax ID: 46-3738034



The Thirteen's March concert, Passion Transfigured, is made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Season Sponsor

Charles Cerf & Cynthia Dunbar

J. Penny Clark

Walter Hill & Cheryl Naulty

Concert Sponsor

Clint & Missy Kelly

Margaret Love


Andrew Warnock Clarke & Martin Chip Sherril II Family Foundation

in gratitude for The Bishop Walker School 

Martha & Scott Harris Fund

in memory of Scott A Harris


Maestro's Circle

Bernadette Eichelberger

Karen Pettigrew

in memory of Hugh M. Pettigrew

Bill & Donna Roberts

Dr. Patricia Stocker

Donald Sutherland & Phyllis Bryn-Julson

Richard Virgil



Peter Buscemi & Judith Miller

Edward & Diane Caso

Martha Ellison

Neil Ericsson & Karen Florini

Chip & Joan Filson

in honor of Ken Lowenberg

Patricia Hoefler

Christopher Hoh & Daniel Elmer

Anne Keiser

Elizabeth P. Koehler

Stephen Leppla

Steven & Sarah Olsen

 Matthew & Jacqueline Robertson

David A. Smith

John & Kate Stevenson


Leroy Barnes

Mary Ellen Blakley

Aaron Harp

Felix & Chris Hernandez

Gary & Cheryl Hostetler

Alan & Susan Houseman

Sherman & Maureen Katz

Heather Kayan

David & Sarah Kelly

Kathleen Kelly

David Klaus

Carol McLeod

Bebe McMeekin

Timothy Nelson

Mark Ohnmacht

Alice Coleman Schelling

Richard & JudyAnn Webster

Nancy Witherell

Roy & Jane Woodall



Robert Bamberger

Kim Brinkman

Heidi Byrnes

M. Ryan Conroy

Martha Halperin

Jadon Hartsuff

IBM Corporation

Elizabeth Janthey

Peg Mangan

Devra Marcus

Rosemary Monagan

Mariam Monshipouri

Madeline Nelson

Phil Peng

William & Gina Perry

Naomi Ofer Quigley

Paul & Margaret Rick

Bruce Rosenblum & Lori laitman

Mary Schellinger

Ira Russcol & Gail Singer

Christopher & Valerie Simonsen

Howard Spendelow

Jacqueline Spindler

Natalie Tudor



Marilyn Alberts


Henry Beale

Brent Bennett

David Blumenstein

Donald  & Janet Boardman

Mark & Barb Bosworth

Diane Brenneman

Gerald Brown

Bill Bukowski & Michelle Patrick

Mike & Judith Canning

James Coakley

Karen Coda

Brian & Regina Corry

Lisa Cox

Louise DeLaVergne

Elizabeth DiGregorio

Norma Dugger

Carol Dunahoo

Karen Dunlap

Peggy Eichelberger

Martin & Virginia Ernster

Benjamin Fenton

Wendy Fibison

Stephen & Bie Fox

Peter & Kitty Gallanis

David Gardels

Damien Gaul

Judith Gray

Edward Grossman

Douglas Grove

Ruth Harris

Barbara Hawk

Peter Hawley

C. Paul Heins

Ben & Catherine Hicks

Ann Hughes

Elaine Hunt

Kathleen Jewell

Cecilie Jones

Grace Jones

Lois Jones

Jim Kayan 

Daniel & Mary Jo Kirby

Joan Lentine

Joseph & Barbara Levitt

Ann Lindsay

James Livingston & Gwendolyn Hetler

John Longstreth & Anne Goldstein

Lydia Lewis

Sarah J.W. Loy

Carol Marlburger

Georgina Marshall

Christopher Mauro

Andrew Megill

Elizabeth Miles

Brian Miller

Gillian Milovanovic

Teta Moehs

Karel Morales

Ellery Owens

Isabel Soon Park

Elizabeth Peters

Gretchen Renshaw

Elena Ruehr

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Helen Rothman

Mark Sandstrom

Anne Stauffer

Peter Threadgill

Magdalena Thurin

Marcia Tindall

Dick & Jeanne Tustian

Tim & Susan Vanderver

Helene Vissiere

Eric Wagner

Susan Wellman

Karen Wiedemann

Katherine Williams

Margaret Wilson



Ryan & Danielle Adams

Sandra Amann

Keith Anderson

Lunette Arledge

Janet Armbruster

Toni Lee Blate

Stephen Burns

John Clewett & Cynthia Speas

Alison Cooper

Claudia Dulmage

Virginia Elgin

Katharine Emmons

Ellen Farrell

Sara Fein

Helen Gaul

Fritz Gibbons

Alexandra Gifford

Alice Gordon

Richard & Susan Green

Molly Gregory

Laura Hambleton

Kim Hanson 

Margaret Hemingway

Judy Hillabrandt

Ken Hoffman

John Howe

Patricia Howie

Martha Johns

Cory Knobel

Joyce Korvick

Gregory Lebel

Greg & Susan Lewis

Joan Lewis

Lydia Lewis

Carol Marsh

Bryan & Irene McGhee

Elizabeth Oster

Geraldine Ostrove

William Pearson

Betty Person

Robert & Alice Petillo

Kama Ross

Greg Saunders

Geral Shenk

Donald & Karen Siegel

Donald Smith

Alvin Stenzel

Cynthia Stevens

Kathryn Stevens

Kristina Stewart

Samantha Suplee

Tom & Patricia Tamaccio

Erol Temmerman

Francis Walinsky

John & Joan Westley

Robert White

Adam Whitman

Edmund Worthy 

Thank You to our Donors